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Author: Bertha Vargas

City Of Cole Camp

City Of Cole Camp

Cole Camp is a very small city in the state of Missouri with a population of over 1,100. It’s located in Benton County, is in the Central time zone, and was created in 1857.

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The city was involved in the Battle of Cole Camp during the Civil War, where there was fighting between the Missouri State Guard and the pro-Union Home Guard. The German immigrants at the time were against slavery and were pro-Union, making up most of the Home Guard. They lost the battle with 35 casualties, 60 wounded and 25 captured.

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Interesting Facts

Most of Cole Camp’s churches are Lutheran, one of the branches of Protestant Christianity, and is supported by 72 million people. Most of the schools are Lutheran as well, and many of the residents still speak German like their ancestors. There are a lot of festivals in Cole Camp, a big one being a German festival.

Fishing and hunting are pretty popular there, and there is a lot of farming which produces soy beans, corn and wheat. Telephones were installed in 1898, but the city didn’t have electric until 1915. One of the banks existing back then is still in operation today. The city is religious, full of proper, well behaved citizens with very low crime occurring.

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Cole Camp boasts a museum, swimming pool, a golf course, two wineries, and a ranch. The museum includes items from the history of the city, is funded by local donations, and is staffed with volunteers. The golf course took five years to construct and was ready in 2010, using 75 acres to play on.

The Von Holten Ranch has 300 acres of horse trails for people to ride on, as well as camping sites with fire pits and electric. They also have cabins with different amenities, and you can even board your own horse there for a monthly fee.